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Are you ready for Lone Star Santas® Round-Up 2024?
Location: Kalahari Convention Center in Round Rock, TX

Dates: March 15-17, 2024.

The theme this year is “All Because of a Child” and we are ready to celebrate all the reasons for being Santa, Mrs Claus and Elves.

Early Bird Registration through Jan 31, 2024 is $275.00 per person.

Late registration $300.00 per person.

Come and share some stories, learn something new, buy something from many of our old and new vendors, and don’t forget to order your Round-Up 2024 T-shirt, to be delivered on Friday, March 15, as you sign in.  We are family, let’s have some fun and celebrate who we are!

Convention Location:

Kalahari Resorts Convention Center

3001 Kalahari Blvd.
Round Rock, TX 78665

Hotel Accomodations nearby:

Lone Star Santas has secured blocks of rooms at the following hotels (click on the hotel name to take advantage of special rates):

Homewood Suites
2201 South Mays,
Round Rock, TX 78664

Hampton Inn
110 Dell Way,
Round Rock, TX 78664

La Quinta Inn & Suites Round Rock North
2004 North I-35
Round Rock, Texas 78681

Some of our members also will be staying in their RV at the following location:

Redbud Ranch RV Resort 
211 Benelli Drive
Hutto, TX 78634
(512) 265-8000

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Friday AM

New Santa and Mrs. Claus Training                   Karen and Jim Flinn

Are you a new Santa with 5 years of experience or less? Do you know what you want to do but are just not sure how to accomplish it? Maybe you just don’t know where to start and what is most important. If this describes you, then join us at the fourth annual presentation of “New Santa and Mrs. Claus” training on Friday, 15 March 2024 from 8 am until noon. Topics to be addressed are suit and accessories selection, types of appearances, why props can be important, Santa as a business or hobby, Mrs. Claus as an active part of your Santa appearances, tips and techniques that will improve your presentations, available Santa schools and why you need to attend. We will touch on many areas and guide you to get more information from the workshops that will be presented on Friday and Saturday, 15 & 16 March 2024.

New Santa and Mrs. Claus training will be presented by Jim and Karen Flinn. To attend the seminar online registration is required prior to Friday, 8 March 2024.

Register by emailing to to reserve your spot. Only people who register in this manner will receive the opportunity to receive door prizes during the instruction.

Seasoned Santa Training                       David Doyle

This is a half-day Session with ‘hands-on’ training for those who want to be or consider themselves an “Seasoned Professional.”

It is for those Santas and Mrs. Claus who have already worked several seasons looking to take a big step away from being average, eliminating the normal smiling photos, and experiences that create special memories. This class is not a PowerPoint sit and listen class. Everyone is expected to share, be open to new ideas, helping each other to be a better you. Being a better Santa 365.

Whether you are working independently or contracted for major events and activities, this is where you can begin making changes. Your morning will be spent sharing a round table format; ideas and past experiences, both good and bad lessons learned. Who wants to hire a Santa year after year when they keep showing the same practices?

Training includes:

  • Making it Personal – Making your visit/appearance personal to all who are there. Your Physical Energy and Characteristics, your movement, etc.
  • Your Image as Santa– What children, parents and others see and think of you – 24/7/365 – Grooming and Appearance – Enhancing your Image and appearance as Santa.
  • Making your visits highly memorable – Why do some Santas and Mrs. Claus get invited to come back again. Why do clients help you find more work. Special treatments that make your visit highly memorable.
  • Advanced Photo techniques– Beyond the average poses – Creative posing with children, babies, families, and large groups.
  • Special Event Santa– Making the Grand Entrance. Handling large Crowds
  • The Entertaining Santa– Add Storytelling, Singing, Magic, etc. Techniques and practices in adding entertainment to the normal Santa or Mrs. Claus visit.


Friday PM

The Carlucci Way                                   Santa and Mrs. Carlucci

Join Santa Carlucci and Mrs. Jenny Lynn Claus as they bring an introduction into the unique ways a 30+ year experienced Hall of Fame couple market and entertain at home, company, and special events. Watch how they use conversation banter, improv, technology, and props to make themselves believable. These are new modular YouTube based classes called the “Carlucci Way”, exclusively for couples. Plus follow up with them at their in-house booth and online Facebook store, North Pole Emporium.

Are you challenged trying to create a fun and unique hour-long home visit? Are you a brand new couple just starting out and need fresh ideas on how to delight the client. Find out how these lessons can create returning business. Plus, for you seasoned couples, they will show you how to step up your game with a new energetic style? They show how to replace book reading and song singing with believable couple-based banter and tales of the North Pole, simple friendly technology, and fascinating easy to use Santa magic and props? Let this pair of seasoned Claus entertainers with over 30+ combined years of event experience share with you their variety of client loving antics, successes, and yes, blunders too.

Lone Star Santas 101                                                   Jim Fletcher

Santa Jim Fletcher will share with our members why Lone Star Santas Charities, Inc. is the most unique and respected Santa organization in the world. They will discuss what LSS offers our members; ways we communicate and what LSS expects from our members. They will explain how we are organized, our Board of Directors and their responsibilities and how Committees are the heart of our organization. They will also illustrate the many activities where LSS is involved.

LSS Website help                                                         LSS Webmaster

Are you having issues setting up your LSS website log in? Issues with your find a Santa input. Or just a general question on the new website. The goal of this class is to assist you with hands-on demonstrations and help get these items resolved. Bring your electronic device and the webmasters will assist.

ASL Harvey Manning, Charles Graves, Deaf Santa; Carolyn Czubinski, KODA; Myrnaloy Manning, PODA

American Sign Language (ASL) Class: 3 instructors will present Deaf Culture, their own personal experiences, as well as appropriate sign language for Christmas Season. The 3 instructors include: a Deaf Adult (indeed a Santa!), a Hearing Adult Child (yes, she is a Mrs. Claus) of Deaf Parents, and a Hearing Adult (yes, one of Santa’s Helpers) that is the parent of a Deaf Child (now an adult). Their backgrounds are different, yet all have perspectives that will benefit all in attendance. ASL will be practiced in three different groups led by the instructors. Definitely, a hands-on class.

CLICK HERE for class handout

Spanish                                                                         Eric Dieckman 

Spanish speakers can be found everywhere, including some of your visitors while you’re in the chair. This workshop focuses on a few simple phrases to help bring those visitors some Christmas cheer en Español.

CLICK HERE for class handout

Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus                         Doc Black

Tracing the History of Santa Through the Ages -Santa Doc Black. This class will take a look at the real man, Nicholas of Mira, starting from a young boy to his mission of bringing joy to children. It will then follow his mission to our present-day depiction of Santa.

Adult Events                                                      Karen and Jim Flinn

How do you keep adults busy and entertained when you visit as Santa and Mrs. Claus? Adult parties, visits to hospitals and assisted living facilities can be just as much fun as visiting with children. Come get some ideas about how to make these more joyful!

CLICK HERE for class handout

How to COT                                                                   Santa Lance

What are the requirements to conduct a COT in your area for LSS. The process and procedures required to plan and execute a COT will be discussed. This class is for those members that wish to conduct a COT in their respective home areas should the need arise.


Saturday PM

Social Media Introduction                                            Elizabeth Saunders

Did you know a Reel is not just a Scottish dance and that TikTok is not just a sound a clock makes? If you want to get an introduction to the wonderful world of Social Media then this workshop is for you. We will figure out what the different platforms are and how they are used. Why do the kids call them hashtags and not pound signs? We might even make a special Reel for your timeline!

The Real Reason for the Season                                 Karen and Jim Flinn

How do you combine Jesus with Santa for Christmas visits. Learn how to word an email asking clients if they want this done without offending anyone. We will share presentation ideas that you can use when you get permission from your client.

CLICK HERE for class handout

Hair/Beard Care and Styling                                        Sid Dowell

The most distinguishing physical characteristic of Real Beard Santa’s is their beard and possibly their hair. Past Round-Ups have focused primarily on hair and beard care so we will only briefly discuss this topic. The majority of our time will be spent in sharing resources, products, tools, and techniques for styling that we can do for ourselves that can take the appearance of our beard and hair to the next level. The lecture format will be kept to a minimum with the majority of our time spent in demonstration and hands on opportunities.

Mrs. Claus Training                                           Sharon Black and Flo Smith

In this Mrs. Claus class, we will cover several topics:

  • Who is Mrs. Claus?
  • Why is she important?
  • What does she do?
  • “I’m married to Santa, but I don’t want to be Mrs. Claus!” …and that’s okay!
  • Developing a back-story. Wardrobe, hair, & makeup discussions.
  • What do photographers want from Mrs C?
  • Solo Mrs. Claus visits. Santa’s helper/handler role.
  • Tips & tricks for reading to children.
  • Games & activities.
  • And more.

This class will be a starting point for some but is intended to be an interactive confidence booster and springboard for all!

Click here for class handout.

A More Inclusive Santa                                     Sharon Newhardt

A More Inclusive Santa: Making Memories for Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs. Sharon will share tips on how to enhance your interactions with individuals in the community to make every Santa experience Inclusive and Magical! Designed to help Santa and Mrs. Claus with tips and techniques on how to achieve encounters that are filled with comfo1t and joy for all ages and abilities. This presentation with accompanying video will educate the use of proper terminology and appropriate eti­uette when engaging with individuals who have special needs. Various communities

Developing your Back Story                                       Chris Saunders

Do you know who your North Pole Persona is? Can you answer questions about you from children and adults like, “How did you and Mrs. Claus meet? How many Elves are at the North Pole? How did you become Santa Claus?” Come join us during the Developing Your Backstory Workshop to learn how to develop your history along with tricks and tips on how to remember it!!

Props                                                                          Jim and Karen Flinn

How can props improve what you have to offer as Santa? How do you use them? Props can help with storytelling and make the magic of Christmas more real. When you share props, it can make children feel more comfortable about taking photos. We will share some of the props we use and how we use them. We will share where to get them or how to make them. We have received positive feedback from children of all ages about our props that make Santa even more special.

This year, Lone Star Santas has partnered with We Are Blood, a Central Texas blood bank, for a blood drive.

We are Blood will have a mobile unit available on Friday, March 15 from 10am – 2pm. Plan to stop in to provide some of your “Happy little drops” to help those in need in the Austin area.

Get your times set so you don’t have to wait in line.
Appointments aren’t required but they go a long way to ensure folks get in and out in timely manner. There are two interview booths and 4 donation beds on the bus, and If everyone shows up at once the people at the end of the line will have a long wait. There’s also a chance that people in the community will see the bus and want to participate, and we want to make sure your people have the first choice of donation times.



Blood Drive

 Friday, March 15

10am to 2pm 

Bloodmobile Bus in the Parking Lot

3001 Kalahari Blvd  |  Round Rock


CLICK HERE or call 512-206-1266 and mention

Group Code E059 to schedule your appointment

Walk-ins Welcome! 





Be sure to check out all of our awesome vendors.

Vendor What is offered
Book Publisher: “Twas the Night Before Christmas” Copies of Illustrated Book in English & Spanish
Cherry Hill Programs Agents for Santas:  Malls, etc.
Dank Beards Beard and Skin Care Products
Deaf Santa ASL Logo Products & Instructional Videos
Gig Salad Entertainer’s Promotion, Opportunity & Scheduler
Holiday Photo Magic Photography, Videography, and Magazine
Mahula Dance Creations Jewelery, Decorations, Mugs, Cups
Your Santa Too & The Carlucci Way Props & Instructional Videos. Demonstrations and conversations with Award Winning Couple of 30+ years of experience.  Step up your Game!
Santa Suit Express Online purchases of Santa Attire & Accessories
Martin’s Buggy Shop Horse Size Sleighs:  New, Used, & Repairs
Santas Tailor Santa Attire
Sewing for the Clauses Claus Clothing & Accessories
Stuff for Santa Clothing, Giveaways, Promotion Materials, & Accessories
Santa General Store LSS Clothing & Santa Attire

If you are a vendor and wish to reserve space at Roundup 2024, please reach out to Santa Harvey, who is our Vendor Chair for Roundup 2024.