Love, Hope & Joy with a Big Santa Hug

By the Terry Alexander Family, all rights reserved.

‘Twas a long time till Christmas
but down at the square
The spirit of Christmas
was already there.

Just down the highway
my family was stuck.
We’d been through a storm,
we were down on our luck.

I rolled down the window
and stared at the dash.
We were stuck on the shoulder
and fresh out of cash.

I looked in the mirror
and what should appear,
But a red hot-rod pickup
pulling up in the rear.

The door was flung open
and into my sight
Stepped a man dressed in red
with a beard, snowy white.

The kids in the back seat
with eyes saucer wide,
Looked on with wonder,
as I stepped outside.
The heat of the highway
could make a man faint,
With his red shorts and smile
he sure looked like a saint.

With a nod of his head
he went straight to his work.
He reached in the back
and gave a great jerk

Then out came a sack;
and he reached in his hand.
He pulled out a jack
and a five gallon can.

He walked to my car
and raised up the hood.
Then he checked all the tires
and pronounced them all good.

He put gas in the tank
and before he could leave,
I reached out my hand
and laid hold of his sleeve.

He gave me a wink
and led me away
To the back of his truck
that was packed like a sleigh

With more bags and sacks
than I’d ever seen.
Just where was he going,
or where had he been?

He opened a sack
and pulled out some toys.
A doll for my girl,
and some cars for my boys.

“Where did you come from”,
I asked. ”What’s your name?”
“Is this some kind of joke?
Is this some sort of game?”

“People don’t do this.”
people don’t share.
Just what is your motive?
why did you care?”

“You do know my name,
and you know why I’m here.
Christmas is never
just one time of year.

A big group of Santas
are down at the square
With a Convoy of Toys
to show that we care.

We don’t keep a list
of who’s naughty or nice.
We just help the hurting
whatever the price.

When there’s disaster
we bring Joy and Love.
We bring Hope, wrapped up
in a big Santa hug.”

My heart filled with peace.
I had nothing to fear
As he got in his truck
and he shoved it in gear.

He flew down the road
leaving dust in his wake
And he left me decided
on which road I’d take.

I may not have a white beard
and I don’t drive a truck,
But whenever I meet
someone down on their luck

I will try to bring Joy.
I will try to show Love.
I will try to share Hope
And a big Santa Hug!