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Michael Elwell

Santa Bell County Santa

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Bio/Background Started as Santa in Louisiana in 2013 for Claiborne Parish after seeing that a Santa was not there even for the parade. I went 3 years before the police and the sheriffs dept and a reporter were able to track me down. Children had lost everything to an arson fire the day after Christmas and it was then the end of January. They asked if I would don my suit and help out. A time and day was set for me to arrive with a police escort and the local paper reporter. I still had a few gifts that had not found a home but Mrs Claus made a trip to some stores so my bag was full. I left with smiles waving me goodby. After that I found that the Parish did not have a proper Santa Sleigh so I build one with Christmas music and Christmas lights for the yearly parade.

When I moved to Texas I found that Temple area didn’t have a Santa to locate needy children to hand out toys to and a Santa that visited the local schools so I was back in business of making smiles. I had left my sleigh to the town of Homer, La so they could have a reason to find a new Santa for the towns yearly parade. I have never taken a penny from anyone to be Santa and with 2023 Christmas coming up making it my 5th year in Temple, the police have no idea who I am even though I do visit them at their station. I also visit needy families that I find and just show up with a full sack of presents to give them. I see smiles on over 1000 children each year and that is my pay check.

City Temple

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